Friday, December 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I am staying where I am today in the Frederica River (opposite the Frederica National Monument) because there is heavy rain. Georgia has had record rainfall in the past couple of weeks which means coastal flooding. Look at the sign in the pictures. High tide this morning was extra high in the second picture.

Wednesday night I anchored in the Wahoo River which isn't exciting as it sounds, but there was a great sunset.

There was one other boat in the anchorage and that was the last evidence of human life I would see for 24 hours. At this point the ICW is a series of canals cut through swamp land. The water here can get extremely shallow and there is an 8 foot tidal range. If I had it to do over again, I don't think I would have stayed inside the ICW between Savannah and Fernandina Beach. However, my opinion could change if I get to see some alligators or wild horses.

Tomorrow I'll continue towards Fernandina Beach, (FLORIDA!!!) where a friend will join me and we will try to make some serious progress towards the Caribe.

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  1. Cool.. glad ya got some crew comin... lookin forward to you getting down to warmer weather. Im in New England for Holidays.