Monday, August 23, 2010

We Love Wrightsville Beach

We thought we would only be in Wrightsville Beach for a day, but we had so much fun we stayed for three days.
Wrightsville Beach looking south

Wrightsville Beach is a small beach town located at the Masonboro Inlet.
You can save time using the ICW between Masonboro Inlet and the Cape Fear River Inlet. If you go outside in the Ocean you must make a 20 mile detour around Frying Pan Shoals. There are several inexpensive and very good restaurants and bars along with one of the best beaches I have been to in the U.S.

This dog was actually trained fetch beer from behind the bar
The second day in Wrightsville Beach I had an appointment with the World Cup finals so staying wasn't a difficult decision. We enjoyed $2 beers at Lager Heads and met Lauren and Ben who invited us to go surfing after the soccer game.

The water was warm and there was a perfect size swell for learning to surf. We didn't feel like we had enough time surfing so the next day Nicole and I rented our own boards. The restaurants we went to (22 North, Mexican and Jerry Allen's) were all good and they all had deals to try to bring in the beach crowd.

For a while we had been feeling the pressure of a schedule to be back in NY by August. It had been a long time since we stayed in a place because we were having a good time and it was great. That is what sailing is all about.

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  1. Sounds like a great time. So, how did ya'll do with surfing? That's definitely something we want to learn.